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Personalised building and remodelling services

Here at Edward Homes in Hobart, we are dedicated to working together as an experienced team of home builders to provide high-quality building services at affordable prices. Our approach is based upon listening to the needs of our clients and acting upon them to achieve the results they want within the specified timeframe and budget. 

Experienced home builders

Since 2010, our expert team of tradesmen have been providing clients across Hobart with the specialised construction and building services that their projects require, managing them through to their successful completion. We make sure that each stage of the work runs seamlessly into the next, ensuring the minimum amount of downtime and wasted resources. To achieve this, we only provide quality building services that are carried out using top-quality products and materials.

We Provide Convenience

Building projects can quickly get out of hand if you fail to obtain a trustworthy team. As honest home builders in Hobart, Edward Homes will help you complete your project with ease.


Building homes in Hobart and beyond

Home under construction by our home builders in Hobart
From our base at Kirval Court in West Hobart, our local family owned and operated business is conveniently located to service the building needs of our clients across a wide area. The areas that we service include Southern Tasmania, Hobart, Sandy Bay, Eastern Shore, and many other places. 

Unlike other large and widespread building providers, we feel that a small team increases focus and accountability. Edward Homes has been in business since 2010, and we've already obtained many satisfied customers.

With our dedicated team of workers, we're able to listen to your needs and help you achieve the desired results. As soon as you hire our home builders in Hobart, you'll find that our service ensures a project that ends within the time and financial limits you've set.

Trust us to serve you.

Although our clients have diverse needs, we have the experience and skills to serve all of them with prompt and reliable building. Residents of Southern Tasmania, Hobart, Sandy Bay and the surrounding areas can all benefit from our expertise.

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Our team of local tradesmen take a great deal of pride in their ability to provide a diverse range of home builders services both large and small. From remodelling and extensions to major domestic building works, we can take them all in our stride. 

We Don't Waste

Whether it's using materials with economy and efficiency or valuing the time we spend with you, our team never wastes. We understand that each project requires something different, but our careful workmanship, easy communication, and effective work ethic allow us to accomplish each task with a minimal amount of downtime.

Other builders might take an inordinate amount of breaks, while others will claim that you need more materials than you actually do. Edward Homes is an honest company that wants to provide quality building, so we'll never waste your time or money.


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